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19 Mar

At the time of writing, it has 86,704 ratings on IMDb, 55,126 of which are one-star and 30,639 of which are 10-star, with very few ratings falling anywhere in between.

The majority of votes were cast by males outside of the US.

But the nominations of Mel Gibson for Best Director, and of Casey Affleck for Best Actor, left a bad taste in the mouths of many. " Affleck apologists with some lame attempt to try and justify his sexual predatory behavior.

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On the bright side, the internet made its outrage over Gibson and Affleck's nominations known with swift, delightful fervor. If anyone thinks Constance Wu is doing any of this for the good of anyone BUT Constance Wu, I have a bridge to sell them. Some believe he's genuine, some believe it's all an act. The accusations of sexual predatory behavior are not the reason why he shouldn't win. It's hypocritical of Constance Wu to call out the Academy for nominating Affleck when she had no problem attending the Critics Choice Awards a month ago where Affleck was nominated and won. She could've killed two birds with one stone by going up to their table and telling them how she feels.

Several commentators also noted the uncomfortable parallel between these nominations and the election of President Donald Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women. If Constance Fucking Wu is indicative if what we have to look forward to, post March, I am getting off not only Facebook but the news in general. But instead, like a typical SJW, she gets online and trashes people on social media rather than confronting them like an adult.

So, I guess the new SJW thing is now that if you're ACCUSED of something, you're guilty. I get the feeling she won't be saying much more about the Oscars given her show airs on the same network. If they aren't nominated, it's because they aren't good enough.

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The Terry George-directed film stars Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac and is set during the final days of the Ottoman Empire, leading up to the Armenian Genocide that killed 1.5 million.