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27 Apr

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The dance of flirtation, getting to know someone, the anticipation of a kiss, the wondering about sex–it’s heady. what woman can orgasm when she’s being that passive?

I was so eager to meet a nice man that I often ignored my intuition in sorting out likely versus unsavory men to meet. Including this horrifyingly funny video (NSFW, turn down the volume! I needed to understand that my fear about seeming too ‘harsh’ or ‘demanding’ was absurd.

And that the man who wasn’t interested in my thoughts wasn’t the kind of man I wanted to invite into my bed or my life.

Yet, one in 10 of us adults have used online dating in the hopes of finding love. My Mom’s fiance’s granddaughter met the most incredible guy online, and I performed the marriage ceremony for them, last year.

And yet even the of going online can create a huge emotional response in a woman. I don’t want to feel like I am shooting online dating blanks in the dark.