Lifemates dating service online dating for spiritual people

10 Mar

They first want to see how much money you make in a year, than they will charge you accordingly by asking you what the line of credit is on your credit card and how much you have in your savings and chequing accounts.

Also I think it is in the Consumers best interest to check out this website in which CBC News Market Place sent it's own investigators with cameras to see how lifemates canada operates by manipulating and using their high pitch sales tactics to steal people's hard earned money by making people sign their contract on the first day when they come in for appointment.

He went on to explain that a true soulmate is a mirror to ourselves – because our soulmate brings out all of our deepest insecurities and fears, and reflects back to us the characteristics in ourselves that we don’t like and don’t want to acknowledge.

We like to hold an image of ourselves as being “perfect” – or at least of being giving, loving, kind, and generous with our partner, yet often find fault in the amount of giving, love, kindness and generosity that we are receiving from our partner.

This is the person you would trust with your life, and on a very deep level are certain that he/she always has your best interests in mind.

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Lifemates Canada is a morally and ethically bankrupt company who cannot make money ethically, so they make money by manipulating and deceiving people out of their hard earned money.

The Lifemates Canada matchmaking program offers Canadian singles a unique opportunity to connect with other professionals who share their background, values and interests.