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29 Mar

Oh was also able to talk to Mitchell one-on-one, without an interpreter, for one and a half hours.

Both agreed that the role was emotionally and physically consuming, and Oh added that he used to sit absentmindedly with a cigarette for 20 minutes after finishing his performance.

We believe it only ended after plenty of Pappa and Mamma Bainter reprimands. He went on to quarterback the 1956 NJCAA national championship football team while attending Coffeeville Junior College in Coffeeville, Kansas. He went on to play football at Emporia Teacher’s College in Emporia, Kansas where he married Jodee.

They had their first child, Becky, in November of 1958, not long after Max began working at the YMCA.

But Oh became a bonafide musical theatre superstar in 2005, when he was cast as the titular East German transgender singer in the first Korean staging of the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

As the first "Korean Hedwig," Oh received sensational reviews for his performance and he won Best Actor at the Korea Musical Awards.

First things first, I bought different colored binders and created a simple cover for each one.Luke's favorite thing to do is take advantage of his slightly younger brother, Ravi, but in the end, Luke gets what he deserves.Luke is a mischievous, sarcastic, cool, and a prank-loving boy.Originally I was just going to have them hold it for a picture but then I decided it’d be fun to have them write what they were looking forward to or hoping for in their upcoming year around the grade.These days my 6th grader is not a fan of traditional smiling pictures.