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Augustine’s attitude to religious coercion’, JRS 54 (1964), 107-16 -------, ‘Religious coercion in the later Roman empire: the case of North Africa’, History 48 (1963), 283-305 ( Brown 1972, 301-31) -------, Augustine of Hippo: a biography (London, 1967) Chadwick, H. Hillgarth, Christianity and paganism, 350-700 (Philadelphia, 1986), 78. C., From Roman to Merovingian Gaul: a reader (Peterborough, Ontario, 2000)Secondary reading Brown, P. L., The rise of western Christendom: triumph and diversity, AD 200-1000 (Oxford, 1996; 2 ed., 2003) Cusack, C.His name is Germanic, composed of the elements hlod ("fame") and wig ("combat"), and is the origin of the later French given name Louis, borne by 18 kings of France.Dutch, the most closely related modern language to Frankish, reborrowed the name as Lodewijk from German in the 12th century.Clovis was the son of Childeric I, a Merovingian king of the Salian Franks, and Basina, a Thuringian princess.In 481, at the age of fifteen, Clovis succeeded his father.

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The first three books offer a certain dramatic unity; in them are told the preliminaries of the great disaster, the catastrophe itself, and the consequences.In difficult times for the Catholic faith and Roman culture in southern Gaul, Avitus pursued with earnestness and success the extinction of Arianism among the Burgundians.He won the confidence of King Gundobad, and converted his son, King Sigismund (516-523).king of the Franks (Frank) and ruler of much of Gaul from 481 to 511, a key period during the transformation of the Roman Empire into Europe.His dynasty, the Merovingian (Merovingian dynasty)s, survived more than 200 years, until the rise of the Carolingian (Carolingian dynasty)s in the 8th century.