Nerd dating made complicated fb2

12 Apr

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No more will geeks have to hide how much they love graphic novels and larping when in the dating pool, as Dragon Fruit – the app for nerds, made by nerds – hopes to help people "find that geeky significant other in your life." Although we've all got a little ~geek~ inside, surprisingly, the app is the first on the market created especially for finding geeks love.gk2is the largest online dating website with for nerds, dorks, and geeks.Whether you're into Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime, or Cosplay, you'll be sure to find hot singles who share the same passions and interests as you." "I'm glad I took my time solving each riddle on my own, and didn't rush to the forums demanding help or looking for cheats.Getting through it all was a torture at times, but very much worth the satisfaction I got from solving each level!