How europe is accomodating muslims

14 Mar

As the governments of continental Europe continue to accomodate Muslim “refugees” and migrants at the expense of their own peoples, some are sounding the alarm that Europe is on the verge of civil war.

Norrtälje authorities asked the residents in a targeted mailing: “Does your country house stand empty in winter?

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By the white man's year of 1861 there were 31 million Europeans on Indian soil. Louis to Sacramento in the passing of only ten days and the talking wires were strung across their land.

Europe is on the verge of descending into utter chaos.

Reuters reported that “thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently abandoning a bid to stem their flow through the Balkans to western Europe.” Read my column on this very issue at WND here.

But my interest is limited to the phenomenon of public religion, and how religion is fighting back from its political marginalization, especially in Western Europe.

There is no endogenous slowing down in secularization in relation to organized religion, attendance at church services and traditional Christian belief and practice in Western Europe.