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26 Mar

It's packed full off pictures and videos of other guys who also love the feel and look of lacey, silk, vintage and any other female undies!

There's also a picture post inside to post your own!

It was about a man, who met and befriended some crossdressers. He was straight (whatever that means), and they slowly brought him into their world with a little peer pressure, bit by bit.

For him being a crossdressing transvestite started with a loan of a lipstick; he tried it, enjoyed it, and was a little turned on.

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If you are a Cross Dresser, Transvestite or a T-Girl or someone who admires them then this is the site for you!Even then I just wanted to feel absolutely right as a girl: truly feminine and stylish.I remember growing up not knowing anything about being a crossdressing transvestite. Then, I saw a film on the television: to this day I don't know the name of the film, but it's had a long-lasting impression on me.When they met, they'd ask questions, and lipstick became mascara, blusher, eye shadow ...he tried a dress for the first time, stirring those crossdressing transvestite emotions deep within him: it was exciting, now for heels, lingerie, the hair and nails ...