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27 Feb

is a known compatibility issue with using Internet Explorer 8 and Google Maps (which we use for our world map and map overlay for our Earth Cam Network player).

In order to correctly get the maps to load you will need to run IE 8 in compatibility mode.

Check… And note that I'm not yet talking about former Adobe Flash security issues that enabled camera use without indicating activation (read: while leaving the activity-indicating light off). If the camera's power circuit includes an LED then how could one power the camera without powering the LED?

I know there is a link in the above comment, but that is for a peripheral device, not an integral laptop camera.

From smartphones and tablets to notebook PCs, webcams seem to be standard equipment these days. Did you ever stop to think that while you're staring at your screen, someone on the Internet might be staring back at you?

The national news is awash in stories about hackers tricking users into installing webcam spyware.

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But, if that's possible, which of the available hardwares on the market are vulnerable to that kind of attack?

Some normal users at least are getting the message that the light being on means it's recording.

The minimum requirements for viewing our website are the following: · On a PC with Microsoft Windows you will need one of the following web browsers - Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Mozilla Firefox - Opera 10 (or higher) - Google Chrome ·On a Macintosh: - Mozilla Firefox - Google Chrome - Safari · Adobe Flash Player version 11 (or higher) on Internet Explorer or Edge · Javascript enabled in your web browser.

· A broadband connection with minimum download speeds of: - 1 Mbps for streaming video For the newer streaming cameras that are on the Earth website, we use Adobe Flash's h.264 capability on Internet Explorer and Edge, and HTML5 streaming video for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.