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24 May

F-Spacing, Standard Spacing Pickup colors and covers Technical Questions Where can I find? I have humbucking pickups in my guitar, but I hear noise when I take my hand off the strings. Can I get a single-coil pickup in reverse polarity?

Special Order Pickups OEM and Endorser Models What is this pickup? Do standard spaced pickups and F-spaced pickups sound the same? Can I get a special color combination on a humbucker, such as blue and violet? What is the "standard" color for Di Marzio® pickups? Can I get a Strat replacement model without the magnet stagger?

It has around twice the output of a PAF-type pickup, and stronger ceramic magnets.

We do whatever we can to make sure you’re happy with your instrument.Control Values4-conductor Wiring Orientation and Height Adjustments Do you still make? Just Curious Warranty and Exchange What is F-spacing? Do some of your humbuckers come only in one spacing? Can I get a color that is not listed here such as orange? Do I have to use a "neck" pickup in the neck and a "bridge" pickup in the bridge position? Can I get left-handed pickups for my left-handed guitar? The pickup model that I need comes standard with black polepieces, but I’d rather have the polepieces in chrome or gold.Can I get a Di Marzio® humbucker with a factory-installed metal cover? Can you Can I get a Di Marzio® pickup with a custom winding or a different polepiece style from standard? What type of pickups were used in the Eddie Van Halen Music Man Guitar? Can I get the ____ model that you made for a guitar company? Can I get extra strap ends to install on my other guitars so I can use the same strap?A couple other Marquis owners came across pictures of mine online and sent me some pics and info.I bought mine at a yard sale for 0.00 and would not trade it for a Gibson Les Paul.