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26 May

Muzaffar Alam, Winter 2017; Dipesh Chakrabarty, Spring 2017.

Intro to Buddhism SALC 29700 (=SALC 39700, HREL 39700, RLST 26150, CHDV 39701, CHDV 29701) This course, which is intended for both undergraduates and graduates, introduces students to some aspects of the philosophy, psychology, and meditation practice of the Theravada Buddhist tradition in premodern and modern South and Southeast Asia, and also in the modern west.

It looks first at basic Buddhist ideas and practices, , and then and the relationship(s) between Buddhism and psychology, in two ways: in relation to the indigenous psychology of the Shan in contemporary Northern Thailand, and then in the ways elements from Buddhist meditation have been taken up in recent years by western scientific psychologists.

The course ends with an ethnography of a Buddhist meditation monastery in Thailand.

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