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14 Apr

In his decline, he shot a series of self-portraits showing the ravages the disease wrought on his once- pretty features.

These mix residual narcissism with pitiless self-analysis.

They are using the service to con tens of thousands of dollars from unwitting users through blackmail and sex and marriage scams, a special six-week investigation barely scratches the surface on the level of organized activity.

But the probe uncovered concrete evidence that well organized groups are prowling Google’s social media site for victims.

The are out to steal your hearts and money on Google Hangouts.

Remember, if this does happen to you – it’s never your fault.

In the 18th century New York punished sodomy with death.

This was later reduced to 14 years’ solitary or hard labour. By the Seventies, it was becoming positively fashion-able, like a ten-speed bike or a breadmaking machine.

Facebook is to release a new ‘Photo Magic’ tool that will scan through the pictures on its users’ cameras to tell them which photos to share.

The tool, which will be integrated with Facebook Messenger, is intended to help people find old pictures and share them with the people that are in them.