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04 Feb

Feller used his velocity wisely, striking out 2,581 batters and posting a 266-162 record.

Being Physically Intimidating Being Socially Intimidating Community Q&A Intimidation is making others feel fear, nervousness, or inadequacy in order to gain social standing or produce a desired outcome.

Defensive players initially come to mind when we think of intimidation, but lightning-quick runners, stonewall offensive lineman, and deep-threat wideouts have just as easily struck fear into opponents throughout the years.

Because of the news-halting lockout, compiling lists has become commonplace this summer with the NFL Network's Top 100 players in the game today being the most discussed list.

A pro-Donald Trump protester has attracted attention for standing alone outside a Virginia Democratic campaign office with his gun.

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Adding to the intimidation for righties: Johnson threw sidearm.

The 6-foot-5 left-hander with a withering fastball and wicked changeup won five strikeout titles from 1965 to 1970 and twice topped 300 K's, a feat matched only by Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, J. Richard, Walter Johnson, Curt Schilling, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez. "I was the biggest, most hopeless and most violent drunk in baseball," Mc Dowell admitted.

He struck out 2,453 during his 15-year career, and his 74 games of 10 or more K's rank fourth behind Ryan, Koufax and Steve Carlton.

A new, blurry Sasquatch photo is circulating the internet this week, which normally wouldn’t be anything to get terribly excited about, except this one is actually pretty impressive.. Information on the photo is terribly slim, but the story is that it’s a scanned copy of a photo snapped on a 35mm camera a few years ago, and sent out to Bigfoot researchers where it has since spread like wildfire.

Right away, you can see that the qualify of the photograph is easily comparable to the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film, long considered the best ever evidence of North American Man-Apes. Tweet me at @Weird HQ, swing by the Facebook page, or leave a message in the comments below.