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12 Apr

Later in the morning, when it was light outside, the boyfriend noticed blood on a new tarp covering the barbecue next to the path where the man ran away.

The tarp was collected as evidence because deputies believed the man may have cut himself while he was trying to get away. On September 27, 2009, at about a.m., a woman was walking near Pines and 4th in Spokane Valley.

--- Law enforcement warned the community Wednesday about the release of a sexually violent predator into the area.

David Mc Cuistion, 55, was found guilty in 1993 of rape in the third degree, as well as third degree assault, according to a joint release from Spokane County Sheriff's Office and Spokane Police Department.

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Knezovich said Mc Cuistion's release set a "precedent," and Spokane can expect to get two more violence sex offenders in the next three months."I'm a firm believer that there are some crimes you only get one shot at and at some point society should have the right to make sure you never commit that crime again. Mc Cuistion is that type of individual," said Knezovich.

While in prison, documents said the court ordered that Mc Cuistion be held at the Special Commitment Center on Mc Neil Island.

A victim of sexual abuse by the leader of a religious sect in Minnesota spoke out Wednesday amid concerns that its members have relocated to Washington state.

Lindsay Tornambe, 30, and two of her attorneys held a news conference and urged any other possible victims to come forward.