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05 Apr

Jeffrey Sandusky is being held on 0,000 bail at Centre County Prison.

He has been suspended from his job at Rockview State Correctional Facility.

The report mentions 2 accusers (referred to as "Victim #1" and "Victim #2") who are sisters. Victim #1 claims in 2016, Sandusky made several secret inappropriate sexual advances toward her -- many of them over text message.She claims in the report Sandusky asked for pictures of her "boobs" and explained "it's not weird because he studied medicine." Also in the report, she claims Sandusky also asked for her to send photos of her "in the morning when she is dressing for school" and also "while she is changing or taking a 'piss,' etc." Victim #1 told police she informed her mother about the incidents months later and she threw Sandusky out of the house.Victim #1 claims Sandusky apologized and said he knew his actions were wrong.His lawyers and the lead prosecutor had no comment.The three administrators handled a 2001 complaint by a graduate assistant who said he saw Sandusky, a retired member of the coaching staff, sexually abusing a boy in a team shower.