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16 Apr

Acceptance: the acceptance by a Candidate of an offer of Engagement made by the Client.

Acceptance Date: the date Acceptance takes place or is deemed to have taken place. Candidate: any person who has posted his or her details including but not limited to his or her profile on the Website.

A legally binding contract in accordance with these Terms comes into existence immediately that an account is set up for you on this Website.

, Scottish US painter born on 21 November 1838, specialized in Landscapes.

He arrived in New York as a boy in 1850 and was hired as a wood-engraver by the publishing firm of Harper & Brothers in 1857.

After a year and a half away from the UK, I had been champing at the bit to escape the office-home routine and suffocating heat of the Taipei basin and return to a land of rolling fields, green grass parks, and temperatures in the low 20s.

It was a relief then to finally take off on our KLM flight to Amsterdam and Birmingham International at the end of July.