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22 Feb

The script style was that of a cursive Ball with an extra loop at the end, known as “3-L” Ball jars.They also continued to make the MASON’S PATENT NOV 30th 1858 jars (machine made smooth lipped varieties) up into the early 1900’s.The band, when screwed down, presses a separate stamped aluminium disc-shaped lid against the jar's rim.An integral rubber ring on the underside of the lid creates a hermetic seal.and as we read and study about history and antiques we also strive to be historians.

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If you are using the ones your grandmother left you, that jar of spiced peaches might be worth more than you think.Antique Mason jars are nostalgic reminders of times gone by.In Grandmother's time hundreds of these jars filled with colorful vegetables, preserves, and jams lined the cellar shelves.I did a little shopping this weekend at my favorite antique and “junk ‘in” spots! Would you like to know how old your vintage mason jar is? – because some thought the fancy loop at the end looked like a third L. After doing some research online, I found that these are probably one of the earlier sets of Ball jars to be manufactured.