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14 Feb

What's the best thing about living with co-You Tuber Amazing Phil?I felt like I wanted to do something creative and join in this community!Then they go home and upload the photos they took, where I'm usually doing something weird with my face...Dan Howell is a London-based, 21-year-old You Tube vlogger.Tell stories about how wonderful it will be, or about how that one time was epic.

I understand my life is my own; I am the Creator of it – any grand designs will come from my imagination-sharpened pencil.They have invested a fair amount of money in the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), beefed up the security of Windows desktops and servers, SQL is more secure , as well as Office out of the box.Advertising itself as lightweight, efficient and accurate anti-malware solution that ‘stays out of the way’, Security Essentials rapidly took share in the consumer anti-virus space.But I have to say technically 'Innuendo Bingo' was the most fun to "make" and 'Sexy Internet Dating' because I was crying laughing for about two hours while filming it.It's really nice bumping into people though, as it gives me a little positivity boost and puts a face to the You Tube comments.'What not to do at the Cinema' is what I always say is an example of perfectly executing an idea I had though!