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07 Mar

“She knows Bruno Mars is not married, so figures it’d be fun to see if they click,” sources reportedly exclaimed.

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Would we have come to different conclusions then, if we'd only been able to see slightly more clearly? This contemporary article gives you a good sense of the letdown kids like me (9 years old and then a fan of "The Outer Limits" and 1950s sci-fi movies) felt when the Mariner 4 photos were revealed publicly. id=v AIq AAAAIBAJ&sjid=u Cc EAAAAIBAJ&pg=4130,4281317&dq=mars mariner 4&hl=en Disappointment, hardly.

Its brightness, its fast movement in the sky and its vivid red colour, have always engendered wonder and curiosity.

The first observations of Mars dating back three thousand years ago were performed by Babyl-onian and Egyptian astronomers in the near East and Chinese star gazers in the Far East.

I was searching around for some images to use for a public talk and stumbled across some work that had been posted at several years ago: a couple of different amateur takes on the Mariner 4 image catalog, the first set of photos returned from Mars, dating to July 14, 1965. A base map shows the locations of all of Mariner 4's images of Mars, shot on July 14-15, 1965.

These were long before my time and as such I find myself totally unable to imagine myself having no knowledge of what Mars looked like up close, and then seeing these photos. Would I have been disappointed that they looked cratered like the Moon? Your eyes are not deceiving you: the base map on which the footprints are drawn has canals on it.