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20 May

Lockhart plays Jake, Keegan’s unpredictable (and frequently nude) new stepbrother who may or may not be a psychopathic killer trying to steal his life.With film now available on Vimeo on Demand, Lockhart took some time to answer our 10 most burning questions to reveal the secret to his crossover appeal, his most difficult role to date, and what exactly convinced him to lighten up and just put on a pair of women’s heels already.Yet the man of the hour, real-life Kocis protégé and you-could-say-the-reason-he-got-murdered, Brent Corrigan, sat out the preem and disavowed the movie, blasting producers for “bastardizing my early years in porn.” Which we can understand.These days, the 29-year old super-bttm is horse-ranching in New Mexico and flashing Twitter.” So in honor of his place in the world, and so that it not be forgotten, we put together a mini bio of the man and the legend. Underage At 17, Corrigan, given name Sean Paul Lockhart, heard the siren call that is the thump-thump of West Hollywood and started making regular trips from home in San Diego, fake ID in hand. In 2000 Paul released his debut album "Stage One" through VP Records. Soon a buzz erupted locally as people began to talk of the future superstar.

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Who would have thought Sherry Vine, queen of snark, would make a stellar psychiatrist? Kitty Rosenblatt, the straight-talking and frisky psychiatrist, and is so convincing in her role that it may just as well be her real-life alter ego.

His credits include appearances in the teen sex romp , a young gay man named Keegan Dark (Blaise Embry) breaks his estrangement with his mother and returns home with his new boyfriend.

Upon arrival, he discovers that she is remarried to a new man with a son of his own.

Before long, he was introduced to Kocis via webcam audition.

Cobra Video was about “Capturing the Erotic Essence of Youth” in barely-legal bareback vids, and the soon-to-be-known-as Corrigan was a Kocis dream come true, one more in a line of underage boy-models seduced by the then-44 year old. While Kocis thought he had both a boyfriend and a cash-cow under contract, his star saw it differently; now 18, Corrigan got a lawyer and outed himself as underage at the time his first films were shot.