Lauren froderman and dominic dating

14 Mar

This episode the dancers show how strong their partnerships have become over the past five weeks, and couples that have been together for the entire competition have a huge advantage.Alan and Malece have only been together for two weeks and haven’t built a great connection during that time, so they really need to step it up when they find themselves in the bottom with Tucker and Amy, two halves of couples the judges adore.He lists Ivan "The Urban Action Figure"—who has appeared on America's Got Talent—as his favorite professional dancer.

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So instead of giving you my week six rankings (which will now forever be lost to the ether), let me just say: what the hell was Lauren Froderman doing in the bottom three last week?

The much-hyped appearance of the All-Stars were thrown completely out of whack by the poor performance of the women on the show, resulting in a male-female imbalance that it took the producers weeks to find a satisfactory result to (hey, let's let two guys dance together! )The judges held way too much sway over the season, retaining their power to select from the bottom three performers all the way through the Top 4.

Which would have been okay, if the judges were able to adequately judge the talent in front of them. Robert Roldan He can enjoy the extra TV exposure, but if he thinks he can actually win, then he's as fucking insane as he sometimes looks when smiling.2.

All told, I count three memorable performances (Alex Wong getting out of his mind, Billy Bell as a hobo, and the memorable-for-the-wrong-reasons Adechike and Jose man-on-man paso); a winner who will be, at best, the third or fourth best dancer on the show this year; and Robert fucking Roldan in the finale. Lauren Froderman Maybe it was the inevitability of her making the finale due to her lone-vaginal status the last several weeks, but I have cooled considerably on her chances to pull out an upset victory.

She very capably performs everything handed to her without me actually feeling like I've seen anything special.