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17 May

A gay man sending a picture of his penis (whether solicited or not) to another gay man is its own phenomenon, distinct from that of women being sent unsolicited peen pics.

I wouldn’t call it the straight female version of Creepshots, since the intent is not to titillate, but the analogy holds when considering the underhandedness of both ventures.

Basic economics dictates that the more highly investing party will be more selective about sharing their valuable resources.

But when we mention resources, we are not talking about money here. This is the crux of biologist Richard Triver’s theory of parental investment[1].

He said he just couldn’t bring himself to celebrate the show’s ugliness.

He didn’t mean the “ugly” struggles of Millennials, but the girls themselves.

The home-cooked meal we had was a bonus, and a welcome nod to romance; most of my Internet dates started off with a quick cup of coffee, drinks, or some combination thereof. His overuse of the word “like” and his unfamiliarity with where Ohio is (one state over, mind you, and where I happen to be from) were caution flags.

Seeing the labor he put into dinner, any judgments about his spelling faded. But what sent me packing was our discussion about my recent obsession, the HBO series .

Whether it’s via something as completely incongruous as a Star Wars forum or a dating profile/ad where I specifically state that I am wholly uninterested in penis pics, I, like most women on the internet, have been subjected to this collective straight cis male assumption that I must be just as into their penises as they are.

Yet, if a female were to revel similarly in the volume of her sexual exploits, she would be branded a “slut.” Ah, but there’s a reason for this. Such difference in sexual mores may perhaps have evolutionary explanations.

As modern humans were evolving during the Pleistocene era (from about 2.5 million years – 12,000 years ago), a sexual encounter between a man and a woman would have resulted in pregnancy for the latter.

After dinner I made up an excuse about an early meeting the next day and left. For the past two years I’ve steered clear of dating.

Maybe I should have stayed for dessert to hear him out. But though I was new to online dating, I had quickly figured out when to bail, one of many lessons gleaned from living single and dating in Philly. But seeing the ripe old age of 30 creeping ever closer, and tired from endless weekends in the bar scene, I was feeling ready for a boyfriend. There were new rules: Grammar mistakes, not physicality, were cause for judgment.