Michael seater dating

05 Mar

Wrote an episode of Life With Derek with his brother Graham Seater.Michael Seater net worth: Michael Seater is a Canadian actor, writer, director, and producer who has a net worth of million.Seater starred as Spencer Sharpe in the television series The Zack Files from 2000 to 2002.

She's googled it, but it always comes up w/ different answers, so she's been bugging the crap out of me if I know lol. I had never heard of the show either, but my niece is always watching it when she comes over, so i sit next to her and watch it too, and it's kinda cute lol.

Favorite movie is "Grease - the original version" His dream vacation is surfing in Australia. He has two dogs called Joe and Cricket In Life With Derek Micheal stars with 2 of his former castmates from "Strange Days".

He lives in Etobicoke, Ontario but he was born in Toronto, Ontario His best memory is his sisters wedding.

Michael kept us laughing as we talked about his real-life first love, his favorite (unconventional) sport and his reality TV obsessions.

(Hint: this is a must-read for all Cosmo Girl: We've heard that one reason that teen girls will love the show is because you beefed up for the role? Michael Seater: Well, they did put us with a ruthless trainer.