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09 May

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I was asked, and I said: "No, I don’t have on any underwear," and then it became: "Okay."'When Erika said: 'Listen, this has gone on way too long,' Dorit said: 'Agreed,' and the rotund PK - the only husband in the room - concurred: 'Way too long.'He proceeded to continue discussing the matter, adding: 'Erika, can I just clear something up? It’s just a absolute nonsense.'Moderator Andy Cohen prodded: 'Did you see...?

,' to which PK answered: 'I caught a glance and, at that point, I never looked again, and if I was trying - .''I don't care that you saw up my skirt - ' Erika interjected, but PK rumbled on: 'To a certain – to a certain extent, Erika, I was making light heart of it.'Erika looked faintly dubious of PK's claims to innocence, while Lisa Vanderpump, who was seated right next to Kyle, appeared entirely unconvinced.

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Fellow Real Housewife Dorit Kemsley's husband PK saw up her skirt - leading to increasingly acrimonious accusations.

Sitting beside his wife, PK insisted to Erika that 'I never stood staring at you' and just 'caught a glance,' only for the conversation to swirl into a storm of accusations and for Erika to call him 'a nasty person,' in a sneak peek obtained by People.