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10 Mar

There is even a string of ‘hedonism’ escapes that promise a ‘hip vibe’ and are explicitly aimed at swinging singles.

Much more sedate are ‘house party’-style holidays run by the online dating company Kindred Spirits which makes it clear they are not about finding a sexual partner but sharing experiences, such as watching the sun go down over a Patagonian lake with like-minded people.

Numbers vary from one trip to the next but you can always ask when you make your booking. This is our Single Room Option, which around half our solo travellers choose to add. It varies from trip to trip, but overall around 60% are women and 40% are men. Typically ages range from 20s or 30s up to 60s or above. There’s plenty of free time when you can do your own thing if you prefer. Most evenings your Explore leader will arrange an informal group meal, which you can join if you like.

We’ve found over the years that a good range of different ages usually adds to the group experience. Alternatively you can make your own plans, with or without others in your group.

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They offer incredibly low priced, all inclusive holiday packages; accommodation, meals, lift pass, equipment hire and instruction in your chosen sport is covered in the price.So if you’re struggling to organise a holiday with friends take a look at the programmes UCPA has on offer.The UCPA is a very unique adventure holiday company.Many of the most established singles operators, such as Just You and Friendship Travel, go out of their way to reassure potential customers – apprehensive about going away with a group of strangers – that they won’t be expected to join in all the activities.Some of these operators say you don’t actually have to be single – you might just be holidaying on your own on this occasion and want to link up with others in the same position.