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02 May

A self-liquidating offer is something that generates an email opt-in, lead, or purchase, while simultaneously offsetting (or completely negating) the cost of advertising.For example, let’s say I wrote an ebook and decided to set-up a dedicated landing page for it.Beautiful Kuma Forni conveyor gas pizza oven60 quart floor mixer Dough sheeter Dough press Refrigerated pizza/sandwich tables Dining furniture& much more SOLD!Premium yogurt franchise has shut its doors and is making a complete, urgent liquidation.All equipment has been professionally removed and is in storage, ready for pickup.Manassas, VA(Local pickup only) WELCOME TO OUR MONTHLY WAREHOUSE AUCTIONWE ARE SELLING ITEMS FROM SEVERAL ESTATES INCLUDINGFURNITURE, ARTWORK, MIDMOD, AND MOREPLEASE BE SURE TO SCROLL THROUGH ALL ADDITIONAL PHOTOS TO SEE MEASUREMENTS FOR EACH ITEM.Golf fundraiser to help find a cure for Elouise who has H-abc, a rare degenerative neurological condition. For more details, Click Here, Welcome back to our Gaithersburg Warehouse We are selling the remaining items from a beautiful Chevy Chase home as well as several other consignors items Contemporary CD playing jukebox, Furniture, White Wicker bedroom set, area rugs and more!The restaurant has been opened for less then 6 months, and all equipment was purchased new, and is in immaculate condition.

It also would exclude loans made to a borrower that are secured by a pool of assets but where a security is not being issued to the lender.Former Congressman Barney Frank, who co-sponsored the act, told The New York Times this requirement is the “single most important part of the bill.” It is intended to be a fix for the flaws in the “originate-to-distribute” paradigm under which bad assets were originated and then sold into mortgage-backed securities transactions prior to the financial crisis.Yet the intended simple solution is a blunt instrument that is causing problems for certain types of asset-backed securities, including commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and some are mounting legal and legislative challenges to modify the rules.Well, if the cost of the book is or more then this is an efficient self-liquiding offer (we’ll call it SLO for short from this point on).Intrigued, I decided to take action and begin testing this concept last night, and I even took it one step further as you’ll see…