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11 Mar

When I called my mom to tell her that my boyfriend and I were engaged, she said “Oh? Because of the ring, we could avoid talking about real things, like did I truly love my fiancé, and wasn’t he kind of a jerk. In the following 6 months, though, everything fell apart. Because I slowly had to admit to myself that I didn’t really like my fiancé, and would have felt trapped in a marriage with him.He was a lot older than I was, successful, and I had been a little in awe of him.While online dating is a fantastic way to meet potential spouses, it also raises the likelihood of a long-distance partnership for some.Picking a color theme for your reception pales in comparison to the questions of where to live; which visas to arrange and what to do if things go wrong.There were a lot of things wrong, but also a lot of things right, but we were both pretty selfish in the original go-around, hence it fell apart.In the aftermath, I started attending a new church and dove head-in to everything there. I'm blown away when I look back at the road I've been traveling. She fell out of relation with her church, and her relationship with God is now strained.Years ago, shortly after I turned 30, I became engaged on Valentine’s Day—to a man I ended up not marrying.

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Before you get engaged and make a commitment, ask yourself whether you're really looking for a long-term partner or just want someone to go to the movies with and know there's nothing wrong with the latter.Every morning on the F train at least two or three people would glance at my left hand, smile, and congratulate me.I felt like I had passed beyond one of life’s many velvet ropes, into a VIP club. You probably noticed that in my intro I said only that his parents and friends liked . (She didn’t even tell my dad for weeks, because she knew he would not approve.)My friends were skeptical about my fiancé, but more tolerant than my parents; I think they just hoped for the best. The ring was what everyone rallied around: how beautiful, how big, how perfect the setting.I'm not sure being "just friends" is a good idea for me emotionally considering everything we had in the past and with how much I've opened up with her over the course of the entire relationship.Do I proceed slowly and let her know that I will gladly be her friend if it's working towards a relationship in which the foundation is built on faith in God and his plan and working towards marriage, or should I walk away?