Did robert pattinson dating megan fox

30 Apr

It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn't have happened. She's a good person who just made a bad choice." Yeah!

We're glad to at least her she's recognized what an awful decision she made…but unfortunately, what's done is done!

EX Transformers star Megan Fox is majorly pissed because the website Celebrity Jihad reportedly posted Photoshopped pics of her head pasted over another woman’s body. November 15, 2012 When asked “What’s the first thing you notice about a woman? “Depends who the woman is…Either way, it will be offensive.” What do you guys think? November 15, 2012 Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic features a censored image of her naked.Shia La Beouf snapped at a paparazzo who waited outside of the actor’s Los Angeles home on Friday and asked him if he’s currently dating recently separated Megan Fox.The invasive cameraman provoked La Beouf by more or less accusing him of being the reason behind Fox’s divorce from Brian Austin Green. As La Beouf pulled into his driveway, a paparazzo was waiting on his property and asked, “Is it true you’ve been dating Megan Fox?But…There’s also a CENSORED VERSION :) BAHA many people on the interwebs were very skeptical if her boobies were real or not.. She kinda let the cat out the bag on herself via Twitter: “@Rezilient Kas @Adoring Rihanna where my ring tho?