Dee 106 3 dating

10 Mar

But describing him as ‘Dee’s Mascot’ or something on the air may help new listeners (of which there are probably quite a few, now DAB is fired up) understand why you’re suddenly promoting the appearance of a cat at a fun day.

Branding is rightly very Chestery, although I was surprised to hear so little of the lovely TM branding on air. But not sure having a heart in your logo makes much sense any more, guys.

The station also broadcasts on DAB in West Cheshire, North Wales and Merseyside as Dee on DAB and carries some separate programming.

When instances like this occur, Chester’s Dee 106.3 will not provide a runner up prize. Prizes offered by Chester’s Dee 106.3 are in most cases provided to the company by a third party or sponsor.

WHO Mike James WHAT Dee 106.3 WHEN Monday 29 April 2013 1120 And we tune in mid-competition. How much money needs to be raised to give Amelia-Mae the treatment she needs? ,” are the questions we need to answer, and “If you land on line 3 today, you’ll be our lucky winner, and we’ll do that next.” ID: Mid Mornings with Clear Sky Travel.

ADS: Dee dating/uk/Lindop Brothers Toyota/Wickes/Lampkin & Co ID: Helping you through your workday, Mike James, Chester’s Dee 106.3 This is unusual. Terry is the winner, but we don’t actually hear him. And not real ducks – we should point that out,” says Mike, seemingly seriously.

Dee 106.3 (also Dee on DAB) is an Independent Local Radio station serving the city of Chester and surrounding areas.

The station is wholly owned and broadcasts from studios at Chantry Court in Chester with its FM transmitter located atop the Steam Mill building in Chester city centre.