One on one adult videochat

21 May

Extended families are increasingly spread across greater geographic distances.

Video calls are how many babies first meet their grandparents, their aunts and uncles, and other people who love them.

When Ecarius, who lives in Houghton Lake, Mich., was young, he had trouble paying attention.

He’d dropped out of school and left several jobs, had several traffic accidents and had never quite gotten on track. “I could have been a pharmacist, I could have been anything I wanted to be,” had someone diagnosed his ADHD when he was a child.

Long before most babies toddle or talk, they begin to make sophisticated inferences about the world around them.

By as young as 3 months old, newborns can form expectations based on physical principles like gravity, speed, and momentum.

Fortunately, there are almost as many ways of being a good grandparent as there are grandparents.Whether you are going through a challenging time or just want to talk to someone, at 7 Cups you'll find a path connecting you to kind people and helping you develop new skills to solve your problems. You can also choose a therapist to engage in online therapy. We’ll connect you to a listener through our secure network to a compassionate, trained active listener who is online and available to chat.He’d been told that he was depressed, but he didn’t feel depressed.This time, Ecarius got a different diagnosis: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a conclusion that seemed more appropriate for a child in grade school than an adult in retirement.