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08 Mar

“Since we have a huge sign that says Matchmaker Café, people usually ask about it, but sometimes we just let them know what we’re all about," Slotnick said.

"The idea is to connect local people with each other, get them offline and actually meeting, even if it's for a quick 20-minute coffee.” If single customers are interested, Slotnick takes their picture, chats about their dating life and uploads them into her database of New York City singles.

Using concentration differences between this infiltration-weighted mean and the drip water, an age is calculated from the radioactive decay law, assuming piston flow.

The approach was tested in three adjacent caves in northwestern Germany which were monitored for about two years.

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A central aspect in karst hydrology is the time required for the rainwater to reach the point of discharge in a cave, e.g. One promising approach in determining this residence time is drip-water dating by tritium (H).

In contrast to traditional tritium dating, we do not refer directly to tritium concentrations in precipitation as input function, but to an infiltration-weighted annual mean of the rainwater values.

Less than a month old, the pop-up café lets single customers browse potential dating matches on an i Pad as they leisurely sip their lattes.

It’s also the physical outpost for the service’s online dating app, which launched last November and offers in-person introductions by a matchmaker, according to .