Dating a drummer

05 Feb

The veteran songbird’s alleged boo, drummer Eric Seats, is all of thirty years younger than her and the age gap has people talking, to say the least.

The 41-year-old accomplished drummer, whom La Belle had already been dating for several years, has decided to enjoy their time together publicly as of late, prompting rumors of their romance. K.’s The Daily Mail, La Belle originally met Seats when she hired him to join her band as a drummer.

A humiliated Parker fled the club, vowing, "I'll be back". The moral is that it took a true perfectionist to push the young tyro to the heights of genius - but, more particularly, it took a drummer.

Without Jo Jones, "Bird" would have been just another sax player.

His hero is Buddy Rich, by general consensus not only one of the greatest drummers in the history of jazz, but also the most ill-tempered. What f----in' band do you think you're playing on, mother----ers! anytime he ran out of reefer and anytime we had guests on the bus".

Rich had a reputation for splenetic temper tantrums, one of which was once captured by a member of his band on a widely circulated tape. (In his defence, another sideman maintained that "Rich had a soft heart underneath it all".

Alright, now when do we get a record deal and a band boyfriend too, please?The two grew close after the 41-year-old stayed by the singer’s side while she was going through a particularly hard breakup.“He made her feel at ease and she loved that he had such a vast experience working in the music business.” Proving his love, the drummer relocated from his home in Philadelphia to live with Labelle in Los Angeles, and the happy couple hasn’t looked back since.The secret is out about #Patti La Belle 41- year old boyfriend that actually moved to Philadelphia to be closer with his boo.#Eric Seats is his name and he is also her drummer.