550 validating sender outlook

08 Apr

Some bounceback error messages are easier to understand than others. Is the affected email address one of multiple that are being sent to or is it being sent to just that one? Kindest Regards, Scott M My Customer service agents get this error msg now and then.Since there are many reasons an email can be returned, use the Bounce Back Parser tool to troubleshooting the returned email message: Bounceback Parser Tool Our emails are not reaching our customer. This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. Have you tried to send it via another email client? Company wide we do not generate over 250 emails in an hour.Sometimes sending images and sometimes not it seems. I have done my reading around and seen problems related to sending v Cards and BES.

Any suggestions on what questions to ask or how to fix this would be helpful.

- Jacob I sent up a new email account for a client, but the emails are being returned with permanent fatal errors. I am pasting the error below: Also, this hosting account has an email associated with it "[email protected]" which is currently working, but the address does not appear in the email accounts in cpanel. You can always request for extension of the limit through AMP as necessary.

A client recently switched to Exchange Server / Outlook for their email.

If this is the case that would mean that your DNS records are stale and need to be [email protected] - That sounds about right.

We are getting this error on one user's computer, running Windows 7 and Outlook 2007 in a domain environment. It only happens occasionally for random email addresses, internally and externally.