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15 Mar

When you reach this level of internal peace, you guard it like a castle.

Although I started my sabbatical out of frustration and annoyance, I learned more than I ever expected: I love my own company. It takes effort to fall in love with yourself in a way that requires no outside validation.

You’ll need a surrogate when you deactivate your online profile, which is why, when I de-activated my OK Cupid and profiles, I re-hired my entire staff of imaginary personal assistants: Veronica Crawford, Agnew Hamilton, and Chucho Van Den Born. Now, instead of checking my online dating profile every second like Rain Man, I spend the time helping my imaginary posse get into all kinds of creative mischief.

Tip: The key is to add an allergy that is slightly similar to the old one.

Faith Dukes is the Education Coordinator at the MIT Museum where her passions for inspiring the next generation of innovators and learning about the latest in science and technology collide. I tell them that you do not need a certain background or a specific look in order to be a part of this world. I went down the rabbit hole and I took a break from my dating sabbatical to online date again.

In our culture a kiss is about as serious as a handshake, but for me it’s so much more. And as one Boundless reader commented on my second blog: One cannot renew her mind simply by going on 40 dates in a year. After talking with my counselor and praying about it, I decided to suspend the dating challenge.Her dedication to outreach has extended to the local community where she chairs the Boston Blueprint Conference for Middle and High School Girls. and he said to me one day, “What if you get to this opportunity tonight and you’re telling this story and I’m sitting in the audience, looking at you, and I’m your boyfriend?Faith credits failed experiments during graduate school for helping her find the greatest coping tool ever, boxing. Because how would I get my children at the top of the science fair podium if I don’t have a fundamental background in science? ”Boy, did he kill my vibe because I was really working on what I was going to say and then you’re messing it up. Sorry to tell you all tonight, he is not in the audience.“If someone wanted to set me up with Bradley Cooper, I would say, ‘F--k all the bull---t I just said! I’d love to say it was some divine intervention that prompted my journey, but in reality, this guy pissed me off and put me in my feelings.“I’m over this,” I thought to myself, in reference to the annoying dating cycle I’d grown too accustomed to. It was all about finding yourself and all that spiritual jazz, and like the serial self-help seeker I am, I immediately took the leap. Whether I took myself out or opted to stay in, I re-enforced my self-sufficiency and learned that I’m more than able to take care of myself.