Updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71 whos dating taylor swift

30 Jan

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However on re-starting I just got the message: "Phone start-up failed. From there I was able to reset to "factory" using Settings\General\Factory Settings. It's just a sad that the phone networks/Nokia don't pass firmware updates on more swiftly then we wouldn't have to risk our phones!

How long can it take to cripple a firmware to take out IM, Nokia Music Downloads, etc and just add a bit of branding etc...

Hi just to let anybody no who owns a nokia n81 8gb ive just upgraded my firmware to the latest with no problems, hope im allowed to post this but thought i would let other owners no as there does not seem to be many posts on this issue, if anybody needs product codes let me no or p/m me and i will try and help you, basically my phone was on 02 and now it has been debranded, brilliant now and lots of improvements etc.... Finally manged a system reset by holding down 'green', '*' and '3' on power up.

Brian I did my N81 8GB (N81-1 RM179) today (on Vodafone). Switched code to a generic Euro 2 with Nemesis, ran the NSU to do the v11.0.045 upgrade which went OK. You got about a second to select "offline mode" and I finally got it going (after putting in my lock code - which I had asked to disable before the whole process). Performs much smoother than the previous v10.0.053 firmware and I'm now very happy. If you are going to do it then remember it is at your own risk and you could end up with something that is next to worthless!

Various devices will have limitations as to what functions are available for GMS.

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