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11 Mar

These steps go in the Post Patch Install Actions function.

Endpoint Protection 12.1 For 12.1.5 and earlier, this includes Endpoint Protection 12.1, Endpoint Protection 12.1 Small Business Edition, and Network Access Control 12.1.

Generally, cookies provide the ability to enhance the user's experience and enable advanced web site functionality.

Chrome launches from your desktop within seconds when you double-click the Chrome icon.

If you are migrating to Windows 10 as well as Symantec Endpoint Protection, you must migrate Symantec Endpoint Protection first.

For more information, see Endpoint Protection Support for Windows 10 Migration from Symantec Anti Virus 10.x or Symantec Client Security 3.x is not supported.

Earlier versions are not supported on mac OS 10.12.

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With every new release, Chrome continues to improve in Java Script speed in the browser with the V8 and Kraken benchmarks.

Best practices: Before you upgrade, you must manually stop the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager service on every management server in your site.

After you upgrade, the management server automatically starts the service.

You can type in both searches and web addresses in Chrome's combined search and address bar, known as the Omnibox.

The Omnibox provides suggestions for searches and web addresses as you type, as well as auto-completion functionality to help you get to what you're looking for with just a few keystrokes.