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30 Jan

As you can see in the pictures below, Josh and Joanna had no problem kicking things off.

Joanna found the quality to be on par with normal Skype video calls — she reports that Josh looked very clear and smooth — but Paul and Nilay found things to be a bit more choppy and actually ended up dropping a call.

After reading several articles and email discussions I managed to install a self-signed certificate to my handset.

I could also successfully install my test MIDlet signed by that self-signed certificate. I just collected bits and pieces from different places and put them together. If you have any questions or comments you may email me to brown_drf [at] yahoo [dot] com. I assume the reader knows how to setup a simple website, simple web page programming to upload a file, basic knowledge on how certificates work etc.

The main problem with several (at least mine) handsets is, they do not allow you to directly install new CA root certificates.

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Facebook's video calling will be fully rolled out to all users today (though the official post says "the next few weeks), but can be accessed right now.

We've embedded the official video demo of Video Chat after the break.

The processdescribed here also require reasonable understanding of your handset's configuration. “for some reason” the emulator was not was not detecting my a bluetooth hardware - anyway.

I’m also not focusing on how to download tools and how to set them up. Since I was developing a BT client, I first tested it with standard sockets, just to check whether my handset UI works at least.