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28 Jan

There are numerous medicines which relieve its major symptoms, such as plaguing hallucinations, delusions, voices and paranoia.

Medications, however, cannot reconstitute out broken lives, bring back lost friends, mend families, give us work or love.

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But in reality, the disabled and mentally ill are a personal Blessing and Spiritual Gift from God, far from the historical labeling of being spiritually weak.Without the necessary education and training about the disabled and mentally ill, the church, synagogue, mosque & temple will be as uninformed / misinformed as the general public.Even with the spirit of compassion you nurture in your church congregations, synagogues, mosques & temples, many families will remain “in the closet” with disabilities & mental illness. Chinese Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying said the U. Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun met with his Chinese counterpart Wu Dawei, Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai reported. and Chinese representatives of the six-party talks on North Korea denuclearization met in Beijing, China's foreign ministry said Monday.