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05 Apr

As you unwrapped it and saw the picture on the box, you fell to your knees, and with tears in your eyes, said, ”I have always, always, for my whole life, wanted one of these.” The next time I saw that same exact look on your face was the day you introduced me to the woman who is now your bride. She notices, and then equally importantly, she says it out loud.She knows it doesn’t make her more vulnerable to cherish and acknowledge.She even admitted to us that she loves that her fans want them to be together in real life — so why aren’t they dating?Well, it’s an agreement, she told us during a segment for our Hollywood Life podcast. “I think it’s a very much because we are very professional,” Laura, 19, told Hollywood Laura has told us before that even though they’re not together, she does love the fans who ship them as a couple. I love that they love Austin and Ally so much that they see it in real life as well! Austin & Ally Series Finale: Watch the Gang Prepare to Say Goodbye The first half of the finale was all about goodbyes, with Austin preparing to head off on a world tour — one that would take him far away from Ally. (I know, I know.) As for Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez’s individual conclusions, “I think the fans are going to be happy,” star Laura Marano tells TVLine. It couldn’t have ended in a more complete way.” And Marano knows a thing or two about finales. '” Fortunately, they did get a fourth season, allowing fans to witness the titular couple’s ultimate — and as Marano says, “complete” — ending. “We’re prettttty cute, but we’d be much cuter with @rainydaychatter,” Laura captioned with the pic on Instagram — and we so agree!“(Texas is so lucky it gets to have her right now)” Laura and Ross, plus his bros Ryland, Rocky, and dad Mark Lynch were also at the screening that Calum and girlfriend Celesta Deastis invited them too.

A spring of “Who shot JR”-like interest in the show ensued, and many fans assumed that Jesus would simply not survive the accident–or that, if he did survive, his face would have been so badly mutilated by the shattering of the car window that a heavily bandaged stand-in could serve as Jesus in the short-term, while producers searched for a handsome replacement.“On another note, thank you @calumworthy for letting me come to the @aninconvenienttruth screening,” Laura added.Ross Lynch and Laura Marano have been close friends for years.She gets that it strengthens and empowers to value others and honor them openly. The truth is, you share amazing gifts with each other. You talk to each other with the type of honesty that only comes when there is a deep sense of trust.You tease each other as only people who truly see each other can.