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03 May

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According to the colophon on the end of Sinaiticus, it came from Origens Hexapla. Even church historians of questionable character and faith like Jerome, Hort, and Carson, agree that this is probably true. If you want another word for corrupt manuscripts, just say Alexandrian.

Origen wrote his Hexapla two hundred years after the life of Christ and the apostles. One is missing Revelation, both are missing large portions, but add apocryphal books.

Yes, the source is at least 200 years AFTER Christ! Westcott & Hort propagated Origen's corruptions, and PRIMARILY used the Alexandrian texts for the Greek text which they assembled.

NIV New Testament and Old Testament quotes may match occasionally because they were both penned by the same hand, Eusebius/Origen. Of course those corrupt texts disagree with the Majority texts.

Gardening Forums allow members to post on topics of interest.When ordering, please pick a material then a finish.is an adorable garden statue that features a small puppy tugging on a shoe lace. Samuel Gipp - The LXX is nothing more than a figment of someones imagination. Vaticanus was found stuffed in the Vatican library where it had been for 1500 years. That was part of the reason it was found to be in such condition because of lack of use.There are absolutely NO manuscripts pre-dating the third century A. to validate the claim that Jesus or Paul quoted a Greek Old Testament. Only about 50 of the 5250 ancient Greek Text portions of ancient manuscripts are Alexandrian.