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28 Apr

Digital dating services have helped millions of people worldwide find intimacy and romance.For the most part, meeting strangers online is no longer viewed as taboo.The Domestic Violence Prevention Fund (DVPF) was established in 2016 by the Rhode Island General Assembly R. Funded projects address shared risk and protective factors for violence and have a primary focus on changing systems, policies, social and cultural norms, and community conditions that allow intimate partner violence to occur. The DVPF will be administered by the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence and will be used to promote evidence-informed primary prevention programs in Rhode Island aimed at stopping intimate partner violence before it starts.Free dating and friendship sites are considered by some to be made up of relatively low-value members and are not so serious about dating or friendship.So is it true that free sites offering a free service attract people who are scammers, fraudsters, Russian 'mail order brides' and all types of deceptive and unstable people as apposed to a paying site?Preliminary Results from the Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System (RIVDRS). Victimization of Children & Youth: An International Research Conference. Panel presentation: Prevalence and Predictors of Dating Violence. Improving Surveillance of Intimate Partner Violence by Use of Multiple Data Sources. First year results from Rhode Island's innovative Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program: A wake-up call.

Websites such as Ok Cupid and phone apps like Tinder and Grindr allow users to connect with a large and diverse pool of people.However, to cover the high costs of any service, if the site does not attract the volume of visitors which Yahoo, Google, MSN or similar do then it may be the case they are selling your email address to third parties, so do check out their 'privacy policy'.Many free dating and friendship web sites may not really be interested in you actually 'Finding Someone Genuine', policing their web site, or offering you an efficient customer care service like New Friends4as their focus is more on you clicking web site advertising, collecting your email address or selling your information.The Public Health Surveillance of Fatal Child Maltreatment: Summary of Three State Programs. Circumstances of suicide deaths in Rhode Island, 2004-2006. Verhoek-Oftedahl W, Bittel T, Kim MK, Donnelly EF, Gilson TP. Laposata EA, Swartz J, Verhoek-Oftedahl W, Alvarez A, Donnelly EF, Buechner JS. American Society of Criminology, Toronto, November 18, 2005. The Gray Zone between Children Witnessing Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment: A Call to Establish a Threshold for Intervention. Domestic violence incidents with children witnesses: Findings from Rhode Island surveillance data. Pearlman D, Zierler S, Gjelsvik A, Verhoek-Oftedahl W. Preventive Healthcare Use, Smoking, and Alcohol Use Among Rhode Island Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence. The Forgotten Victims: Children Exposed to Domestic Violence. Verhoek-Oftedahl W, Babcock JC, Perez B, Thacher AK, Rhode Island's Public Health Surveillance System of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Verhoek-Oftedahl is collaborating with Prince Edward Island government and community professionals to develop, implement and evaluate family violence prevention intitiatives at the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention level founded in the ecological model of prevention.Drug intoxication deaths involving methadone, 2004-2005. Rhode Island Child Death Review Key Findings: 2000-2002 deaths. Donnelly EF, Verhoek-Oftedahl W, Buechner JS, Swartz J. Medicine and Health/Rhode Island 2003, 86(12):379-382. Neighborhood environment, racial position, and risk of police-reported domestic violence: A contextual analysis. J Women's Health and Gender Based Medicine 2002;11(6):555-562. Specialized Incident-based Reporting System for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. 7th International Conference on Family Violence, San Diego, CA September 2002. Monitoring of Child Maltreatment in Rhode Island in Panel Session: State-wide Monitoring of Child Maltreatment, United States. Who is Witnessing Domestic Violence in Rhode Island? Co-Investigator, CDC Cooperative Agreement U81/CCU120888 "Surveillance of Child Maltreatment Morbidity in Rhode Island" Effort 95%, Period of support 9/30/2001-9/29/2004, No-cost Extension 9/30/2004-6/30/2005 Total direct costs: 4,390 Co-Investigator, CDC Cooperative Agreement U81/CCU120884 "Surveillance of Child Maltreatment Mortality in Rhode Island" Effort 5%, Period of support 9/30/2001-9/29/2004 Total direct costs: 6,290 Principal Investigator, NIH grant number 1R21AG030663 "Evaluation of Data Linkage Methodology to Improve Estimates of Elder Mistreatment" Effort: 20%, Period of support: 9/30/07-6/30/09 Total direct costs: 9,000 Program Manager, CDC Cooperative Agreement 2U17CE123104-6 "Rhode Island Violent Death Reporting System" Effort 35%, Period of support 8/15/2008-8/14/2013 Total direct costs: 7,970 Project Evaluator, SAMHSA grant number 1 SM058373-01 "Rhode Island Suicide Prevention Project" Effort 25%, Period of Support: 9/30/08– 9/29/11 Total annual direct costs: 4, 862 American Public Health Association 126th Annual Meeting & Exposition: Highest Scoring Abstract Prize Winner for Verhoek-Oftedahl W, Silverman A, Dinklage S, Perez B and Thacher AK.