Dating sites with im messengers

08 Mar

A company can easily create its own Instant Messaging network and its own Instant Messenger.All the communication is secured with industry standard encryption. Brosix is a free, secure, powerful and easy to use instant messenger.It lets you to add some live computer generated special effects and graphics to your video. Also you can send messages to friends who are not online.It also alerts you when a new e-mail comes in your Yahoo Mail account.

Ebuddy is a great alternate to the yahoo IM client in my opinion.

3) Iwant IM Iwantim is one more website to our list to access popular IM Online without the need for the actual Messengers on your PC like the above free websites.

These messenger software offer various features, like: text chat with friends, voice/video chat with friends, save and print your conversation, send or receive files, encrypt messages, access various chat rooms around the globe, PC-to-PC voice calls, send SMS to mobile, support for MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Facebook, Skype, AIM etc., get alerts when there is an email in the inbox and more.

Kiss Tokiss Dating Messenger : Instant messenger with chat room ,instant messages , Games multiplayer and single player with p2p Video and Voice chat, Record and Send voice mails , Send music mail, Represent yourself with avatars, Make groups and create discussion topics, Find your matches quickly with one click on tray icon, Play games with your friends while chatting , Keep logged in while you are connected to internet and get alerts when somebody sends you a message, your match comes online,somebody sends you a voice mail or music mail.

Do you want to login to the Yahoo Messenger Online without downloading the Yahoo Instant Messenger onto your PC?