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02 Feb

The law provides for three possible procedures for the liquidation of a Dutch BV: The standard procedure The liquidation procedure starts with a resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders to dissolve the company and to liquidate its assets/liabilities.In the same shareholders resolution the directors are dismissed, the liquidator(s) is appointed, and a custodian for the corporate books and records of the company is appointed.

Please note that this information is provided for illustrative purposes only and to help give you a general understanding of the consequences of the recent liquidating distributions. Shareholders must contact their tax advisors for specifics regarding the taxation of their individual investments.Your company must continue to file a Company Tax Return and pay Corporation Tax on taxable profits arising from: Your company will pay any Corporation Tax due during the winding-up period at the same rates as before the winding up period started.In some cases, where you continue not to pay your company’s Corporation Tax, HM Revenue and Customs () will apply to the court for a winding up order to have your company closed down.The questions and answers are based on certain assumptions that may not be accurate.Q: Was the initial liquidating distribution of .20 per share the final liquidation of my investment?