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23 May

Even if in some cases it is not about the couples in which every partner is a celebrity, at least it is about the couples where both husbands and both boyfriends are famous persons.

But a celebrity doesn’t really have to be in the relationship with someone, who is always in public limelight.

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His character has returned from the trenches and reflects on his attraction to another man.One of the most memorable ‘Bean-moments’, however, didn’t occur during it’s run on ITV but rather as part of a .Blind Date was a British dating game show produced by London Weekend Television and hosted by English singer, Cilla Black.When they broke up four months later and Cumming dove back into the dating pool, he noticed that people would go down in that vicinity “and they’d look up and say, ‘Wait! ’ ” (Cumming ultimately had the monicker lasered off, while Raven ironically changed “Alan” to “Balance.”) Most delightfully of all, Kristin Chenoweth appeared, declaring that she and Cumming have a lot in common.(“We both speak with accents, we both have been on , and we both have seen a lot of penises.”) They also were both in the TV movie of Annie, so they sang and danced a version of “Easy Street” complete with hilarious lyrics satirically dishing Audra Mc Donald.