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26 Jan

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is a powerful server operating system capable of many different roles and functions.

However, to prevent overloading production servers with features and options that are never used, Windows Server provides a modular approach in which the administrator manually installs the services needed.

Although you'll be able to treat it as just another version of Windows Server if you want – with a range of improvements in security, virtualisation, networking and storage, suitable for sharing files and running applications like Exchange and SQL Server for businesses small and large – it's also designed to be a very different platform for a new style of applications.

The services we used for purchasing the wildcard certificate were who provide a very cost effective certificate services.

For testing, we purchased a standard Wildcard SSL certificate that applied that to the IIS Server In our case we registered a test domain: iwebscrm16and set the SSL wildcard to: *.iwebscrm16and applied that cert to the server.

Setting up a Domain Name System (DNS) on Windows Server involves installing the DNS Server Role.

This tutorial will walk you through the DNS installation and configuration process in Windows Server 2012.