Who is jay electronica dating

08 Apr

Dot's "Control" verse got so much attention and his didn't."Look, I like the one Kendrick song with Gunplay 'Cartoons and Cereal,' but other than that we don't know what n---- talking about," said Electronica. The guy sounded like the one—the messiah, the lamb.Jay's sound was Golden Era but it didn’t feel forced, and like Guru, he never wasted a bar., then I heard “Exhibit A” and it changed my opinion on the future of hip-hop. I was ready for him to demolish wack rap once and for all.By the time “Exhibit C” came out, I was already a stan. The Internet was just starting to become a thorn in the music industry’s side, making it harder for mainstream radio to play underground records.

He confused people then and he confuses people now.New Orleans native and hip-hop head Jay Electronica was dating wealthy, British music industry beauty Kate Goldsmith. She dated one of Styles' rivals, British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg.While they were still together, Electronica was said to be getting cozy with Delevingne, much to Goldsmith's chagrin. In what may be her most public relationship, Delevingne and Bugg dated for two months before calling it quits, partly because of their fame. And like Moss, Delevingne has a pretty illustrious dating life. Cara Delevingne is being touted as the next Kate Moss: skinny, British, a face of Burberry and even complete with her own cocaine scandal!