Trac updating

27 Apr

its When I perform a commit, I can see the timeline on trac getting updated but the corresponding ticket does not get updated with any comments or change state.

I have tried looking around on google as well as stackoverflow for such issues but then almost all of them had permission issues on linux/unix environments which most likely is not my case.

This feature is relatively new for the Postgre SQL or My SQL database backends, so if it fails, you will have to backup the database manually.

Whenever a change to the database schema becomes necessary (or in fact any kind of change that requires updating existing environments) you need to provide an upgrade script.

Environment upgrades are not necessary for minor version releases unless otherwise noted.

After restarting, Trac should show the instances which need a manual upgrade via the automated upgrade scripts to ease the pain.

Apparently I do not have any permission issues in my windows environment as I am running trac and svn using my login.

See the file​ to see how an upgrade script works.

You would want to link from the commit messages to the ticket and from the ticket to the repo changesets. let’s say that you’re committing code @ revision 10 but want to link the commit message to revision 7 for some reason.

that would be a reason to include “r7” in the commit message.

These scripts are run via trac-admin: This command will do nothing if the environment is already up-to-date.

Note that a backup of your database will be performed automatically prior to the upgrade.