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07 Apr

Ideally, couples see some sort of counselor or spiritual advisor before getting married.

However, some married couples wait until they are having great difficulties to seek professional help. D., who counsels married couples in trouble, and serves as medical director of Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, Calif., a treatment facility that incorporates Eastern and Western philosophies.

Avoid just going to and from work and never focusing on each other or your relationship.

He recently shared his best advice for newlyweds: “Talk, talk, talk,” says Eagan.

Communication about everything from small things such as how you spent your day to big things such as how to spend your money is vital to a healthy marriage.

They stayed in contact through text messages and emails and on one occasion Edwards took him to her sister's empty home for a night of sex.

But in January her suspicious husband, Mark, 43, discovered scores of emails she had sent to and received from the boy.