Doctor dating former patient

27 Mar

A Virginia podiatrist who lied to a grand jury about altering patient records to increase Medicare bills has become the eighth person sentenced in the long-running healthcare fraud investigation of orthopedic devicemaker Orthofix International N. Terrell eventually admitted to altering the records. Ilene Terrell of Fredericksburg, Va., was sentenced to five months in prison and another five months of house arrest last week for telling a Boston grand jury in 2012 that she didn't alter patient records to justify billing Medicare for numerous ,000 Orthofix bone-repair devices.

Strange eventually became attracted to Christine Palmer, a fellow surgeon who worked alongside him in the ER department of Metro-General Hospital.

When Western medicine failed to restore his hands, Strange embarked on a journey that led him to the Masters of the Mystic Arts as well as the discovery of magic and alternate dimensions, being trained by the Ancient One and Karl Mordo.

Though his focus was healing his hands, Strange learned more about the mystic arts and soon helped the Masters prevent Kaecilius and the Zealots from merging Earth with the Dark Dimension, but not before witnessing the death of the Ancient One.

Many of his relationships with companions were shaped, to one degree or another, by romance; he seemed to genuinely love Rose Tyler as the person who helped heal some of the scars of the Time War, was completely oblivious to Martha Jones' obvious affections toward him, and insisted upon a platonic relationship with Donna Noble.

The departure of each of these companions marked periods in his life where he would abstain from having companions at all, and on one occasion he even stopped having adventures or leaving the TARDIS, with little more than a cat for company.