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05 Feb

One of my favorite things to watch on television is survival shows. Grylls was in the British Special Forces and is an adventurer.

When he was 23 and only 18 months after crushing three vertebrae in a skydiving accident, he became one of the youngest to ever climb Mount Everest. His most famous show is where he is dropped in the middle of the wilderness.

DEC 2009 - I have been with my caucasian boyfriend for the past 5 years and we broke up a few years ago thanks to the pressure my parents put on me, saying that he had no future, no money, he's going to cheat on me, etc.

But despite everything, we got back together again.

They migrate to river estuaries where they change into Elvers (brown, 5-7 cm long).Elvers develop into yellow eels which have a dark coloured back, a yellowish brown belly, and continuous dorsal and caudal fins.Males reach lengths up to 45 cm and females are even bigger; sometimes over 1 m.They live in a different country along with the rest of the family and relatives so I'm the only one here in the US.I understand why they would get mad and not trust my fiancee since my mom only met him once, plus he's in the Navy so it's a little hard for us to go across the globe to get together.